Banco Promerica Ecuador

Banco Promerica Ecuador is a bank dedicated to providing its customers with innovative products and services in order to meet their financial needs.

It is part of Grupo Promerica, a financial corporation with headquarters in Panama.

The bank was originally known as MM Jaramillo Arteaga Sociedad Financiera.

It was absorbed by Grupo Panama in 2000, and the bank's was name was changed to Banco GNB del Ecuador the following year. It became known as Banco Promerica Ecuador in 2009.

Banco Promerica Ecuador offers personal customers savings accounts, debit cards and credit cards.

Mortgages, car loans and personal loans are available.

Certificates of deposit are available in euros as well as dollars.

Customers can pay utility bills online, by direct debit and at a branch.

Taxes can be paid in branch.

The bank allows customers to make electronic transfers and transfers through Western Union.

Buzó de Compras, a service offered by Promerica Bank Visa, allows customers to have a physical address in Miami. A customer can order goods online using the Miami address; the goods will be delivered to the customer's home.

Business customers of Banco Promerica Ecuador can have savings accounts, loans, credit cards and CDs, which can be in dollars or euros.

The bank provides businesses with a foreign exchange service.

There is a cash management service for business customers.

Banco Promerica Ecuador will provide domestic letters of credit as well as letters of credit for import and export.